Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorry for the hiatus!

I live in Mississippi, and the small town we live in experienced a small tornado a couple months ago.  Unfortunately, the high-speed internet services is not working properly.  I'm in the process of finding another company.

And, I'm taking summer courses that require a lot of time because it's school, lol. 

And, I'm back at mid back length.  I cut 3 to 4 inches of relaxed hair because it was thin.  So, basically most of my hair is texlaxed.  I will do another cut in January.

My wig regimen is the same as my hair regimen, except I use more oils and moisturizer because I only moisturize  3 to 4 times a week.  I usually braid my hair in two french braids thats covered by a wig cap.

The braided headbands I purchasd from Rue 21 a couple of years ago.  I've seen them at my local beauty supply.

Much more detailed updates and pictures coming soon.  Just checking in.  God Bless!