Sunday, February 14, 2010

Abandoning JBCO as scalp oil

Today I was browsing the members pages of Hairlista and one member's page caught my attention! She stated that she no longer uses jamaican black castor oil as a scalp oil, because the oil caused tiny white bumps on her scalp!

For weeks, I've been wondering why my scalp was sore and why do I have these tiny white pimples on my scalp. I assumed they were hair bumps.....but I'm very careful when manipulating my hair. Then I thought maybe it was my wigs. Sometimes they will pull the hair around the hairline, but I'm careful with them, too. Besides, I always wear a wig cap to help the wig stay in place and to protect my hair. also I even took s closer look at my regimen to see what the problem could be!

So I'm using the jbco with olive oil as a sealant after moisturizing my hair. And I'll add a teaspoon to my deep conditioner. I will not purchase the jbco after it's gone. I didnt have a problem with the regular castor oil so I may pick some up in the future.

This hair journey is a ever learning experience!
Until next time!


Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Thanks for the heads up. I have some but don't use it. I've been meaning to attack my edges so I think I'll go with the plain version and use JBCO directly on my hair -away from my scalp?

mommyKE said...

I used it seal with and on my new growth with oilive oil. It leaves my new growth super soft. Its just too strong for my sensitive scalp.