Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miss my layers!

Im currently 21 weeks post. I will relax in May.....29 weeks. Wish me Luck!

I may get my hair cut like the above pic. Picture taken Dec. 2008. I kinda miss my layers.

My hair now...the layers have grown out. Picture taken 9/25/2009. I may get a much needed trim. Im undecided.


Hair and Beyond said...

Wow, good luck on your stretch, Love your length.

mommyKE said...

thanks...I need it! Pray for me.

Blessed Tresses (Blessedwmnofgod) said...

Your hair is beautiful! I'm sorry to take so long checking out your blog. I love it ;-)

ABIGAIL NY said...

You're hair looks great if you ask me, layered or not and you've got great volume in you're hair, is it natural or do you use something to give it that!
please reply via my email!

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Wow is that all your hair?? Its beautiful! Lovely blog mama!

Stay gorgeous!