Monday, May 16, 2011

My Daughter's Regimen

1day old

6 months old

4 months old

1 year old

1 year 8 months

Afro, arm-pit length

age 2

a recent back view

Easter 2011 age 2

x-mas 2010

Age 2

November 2010

X-mas 2010 with her 1st counsins (my neices)



sleeping (close your mouth)

When my daughter was born, I was clueless about hair care for an infant.  I went to the salon weekly. So when I discovered I was pregnant with a little girl, I started research on hair care for girls.  Plesantly, I discovered forums, videos, and hair care sites for women of color.  I decided to take care of my haircare as well as my daughters hair care.

When she was an infant to age 1, I used olive oil and baby shampoo.  My daughter's texture started to change.  So I started buying mostly natural products like oils, shea butter and mango butter.

At Age 2, Here's Her Regimen:

Hair Regimen

Cowash 2x a month with VO5 Moisture Milks
Shampoo 2x month with Dr.  Bronner's magic soap (almond or tea tree)
Deep condition with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeeep Conditioner 2x month after shampooing
Pre poo with coconut oil 2x month before shampooing
Oil scalp with olive oil 4 times a week
Spritz hair with water, aloe vera, and glycerin then mouisturize with my shea butter mix (shea butter, aloe vera gel, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, olive oil)
Smooth edges with Organic Root Stimulator Smoothing Pudding and Eco Styler
Leave In-Cantu Shea Butter Leave In

Hair Tips that works for my Daughter

1.  I soak black elastic bands in olive oil and castor oil for a few hours.  This technique helps in no hair breakage. When my daughter is wearing plaits, I wrap the bands around the section no more than 4 times especially around those delicate edges.  Please don't handle the hair harshly, be careful and delicate with the hair.
2.  After applying the leave-ins and moisturizer, I gently comb to detangle.  I braid the hair in 4 sections with no elastic bands because the hair is wet.  Then I put her hair in a silk bonnet.  I style the hair when it's dry in the morning.
3.  Always remove barrettes, knot balls, headbands, etc before bed.  Always keep hair covered with a silk bed when sleeping.
4.  Always apply moisturizer before styling.
5.  If hair is unhealthy or breaking , put a tablespoon of castor oil in moisturizer.  It made a difference in my daughter's hair.  She had a bald spot at the base of her head.  (It's common in most babies from laying on their head)  The castor oil really worked!
5.  Use wide tooth comb.  Use natural boar brush for edges only.  Use fine tooth comb for parting not combing.  Please don't use a fine tooth comb for combing.

I bought products from the Shea Moisture line from Walgreens and some other products.  I'll do a review in a few weeks.  Regimen will be updated accordingly. 

Here are  pictures of her staple products:


CocoagirlD said...

Aww she is so cute.. they grow so fast wow awesome hair care tips for a lil girl..

tay♥ said...

Great post--your daughter is so cute!

Off topic, but I noticed you use the Smoothing Pudding in her regimen. Have you ever tried the ORS Edge Control on yourself? If so, which do you like better & why?

Sunny Side-Up said...

lol "close your mouth" hahahahaa. My parents took a picture of me just like that but I wasn't 2 years old, I was around 13-15 at the time!