Friday, May 6, 2011

My son's and husband's hair regimen

March 2011

Winter, 2010

My husband's dreads before cutting them in 2006.

December 2011

My son's and husband have dreadlocks. My son's started locking his hair at seven years old. Actually this is his third time because my mother in law would oil his scalp with Vaseline! So, I made the decision to cut them and start over.

My husband decided in 2006 to cut his dreadlocks after growing them for 8 years. But when I was pregnant with my daughter, he decided to give it another try.

The Guy's Regimen
Wash once a week (Friday) with Dr. Bronner's magic soap.
Deep condition and scalp massage once a month with coconut oil after spritzing with my aloe vera mix.
Twist twice month with Murray's twist and lock gel. Since the boys hair is locked, I twist less. This cause less stress on the hair at the root.
Daily maintenance:
Sleep in a stain bonnet
Use grape seed, almond oil or Proclaim 7 oil for shine.
Weekly lining at the barbershop.
I don't use heavy conditioners or creams because it is difficult to rinse out. It leaves build-up. And, the residue is "locked" in the dreads
And this a regimen for locked hair. Newbies requires constant twisting than more twisting for locking.

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